Friday, April 3, 2015

My Paperclip

     "One Red Paperclip" is about "a man, a plan, and a paperclip." Kyle Macdonald wanted to play Bigger and Better as a child in order to get a car. That didn't workout, though. Ten years later he wants to have a redo on the failed plan as a teenager, and get a house. I am playing Bigger and Better myself I traded a blue mechanical pencil for a piece of mint gum.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Animal Craft

     In language arts we had an assignment of making a replica of the land in Animal Farm on Minecraft. I was in a group of six people to make it. 
     First we made the windmill, in the book it was made out of limestone, but we didn't have limestone so we used granite blocks. We also made a granite quarry to go with it. Then we made a field full of wheat and hay bales. Next we made the farm house and filled it with pigs. We also made a sheep pen, a cow pen, and a chicken coop. Finally we made a second windmill. Our farm was amazing!